Military Lighting Solution

Soltech is Here to Serve

Recently, we installed lights in a military base stationed in Hawaii. Over the last year, we have had many inquiries from U.S. military bases all over the country in locations like Illinois, Ohio, Florida, and Hawaii (only to name a few, all highlighted areas on the map indicate inquiries up to date). We continue to receive more inquiries and projects daily.

Most bases are in isolated areas with no access to electricity, making our off-grid products an ideal solution. Our lights are easy to install and require no electrician.

We offer an all-in-one fixture (SunLike) whose battery is integrated into the solar panel. This makes the light incredibly compact and efficient for lighting up a military base. Most locations provide enough sunlight for our lights to properly stay charged, but even if the weather is not as sunny, our lights will last up to 7 nights off just 1 day of sun. We are a great fit for the military!

For more information about our military base projects please contact us.

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