Soltech Solar Lighting Battery Cell

Soltech Solar Lighting Battery Cell

Our Soltech lights offer both all-in-one and separate piece designs. There are 2 significant parts in all of our designs, the solar panel and the battery.

Of all the parts in our solar lights, the batteries cost the most because they are high-grade LiFePO4 battery cells, which can be found in the batteries of today’s electric cars.

The same battery that keeps your car running can easily do the same by keeping your solar lights on. The battery has a 2,000-cycle design life giving your solar light up to 5 years of regular use. These powerful batteries hold enough energy to keep your lights on for 7 nights just off 1 day of sun. They are also equipped to withstand harsh weather conditions like below freezing temperatures or storms.

Our battery is custom made to fit every piece of our solar fixture. Knowing the battery’s importance is key to our lights’ success and serves as a reassurance that the batteries are made to last.

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