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Quantifying Environmental Impact: 135lbs of Offset Carbon per Sunlike 30W

General Impact The most direct impact efficient solar lighting has on the environment is the offset electrical demand primarily sourced from fossil fuels that powers lights. Cutting off this flow of GHG emitting electricity can have significant impact when implemented … Read More

Soltech Solar-Powered Turtle & Retina-Friendly LEDs

Green Design: A Plurality of Benefits  Soltech’s purpose-built turtle-friendly solar lights have several additional benefits. We tailor the light emitted from LEDs to be harmless to turtles. This also preserves marine-life, nightscapes, and human health.  Measuring Light Visible Electromagnetic Spectrum … Read More

How To Save By Going Solar​

How To Save By Going Solar When deciding to go solar, whether in lighting or for building power generation, there are many factors to consider. Being up to date on the savings offered by lower operating costs of solar lights … Read More

Soltech Solar Motion Sensor Lighting Explained

Soltech Solar Motion Sensor Lights Explained Soltech’s solar range comes standard with advanced lighting controls. Adjustment of several variables optimizes lighting performance to your installation. Controls include: •  Photocell sensors to automatically dim output at dawn or during ambient sunlight … Read More

6th Grader Easily Installs Off-Grid Sunlike Solar Lights

6th-Grader Easily Installs Sunlike Off-Grid Solar Lights The On-Grid Hassle The standard process of installation for grid-connected streetlights can include a variety of tools, methods, and materials. Across the various methods used, grid-connected street lighting has common practices. Digging trenching … Read More

Choosing The Best Solar Light

Understanding Jargon When it comes to technical terms used for solar lighting, many may be confused at first. Industry-specific words are used which can make it hard to understand the advantages of one light over another. LED stands for Light … Read More

Robust Solar Lighting

Be Prepared Planning for a natural disaster is never a priority until after disaster strikes. Be prepared, choose Soltech Solar Lights. Completely off-grid, level 12 wind tested, & IP65 moisture resistant, they are perfectly acclimated to disaster, search and rescue, … Read More

A Light For The Discerning Eye

Meticulously Crafted Although we offer industry-leading performance, our industrial design, which focuses on a streamline integrated unit, was sculpted to not look out of place in any application. Given one day of full sun, our range delivers 7 nights of … Read More

We’re exhibiting at #SPIcon on Sept 24-27 in Anaheim!

We’re exhibiting at #SPIcon on Sept 24-27 in Anaheim! Join us and 20,000+ solar & storage industry professionals.