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Black Friday Sale! 11/12-11/30/2019

  Our Black Friday sale is here and we are selling our SunLikes at 10% off! The offer is valid on 11/12/2019 and will end 11/30/2019 11:59pm PST.   For more information or questions about our inventory feel free to … Read More

Soltech Solar Lighting Battery Cell

Soltech Solar Lighting Battery Cell With all our Soltech lights, there are 3 main parts, the fixture, the solar panel, and the battery cell. Of all the parts in our solar lights, the batteries cost the most. Why? They are high-grade LiFePO4 … Read More

Remote Control Guide Video

If you enjoyed reading our Remote Control Button Guide, then you will enjoy this. We have made a video explaining the features of the remote control and illustrating their uses in their application. You can also check out other videos we … Read More

Military Lighting Solution

Soltech is Here to Serve Recently, we installed lights in a military base stationed in Hawaii. Over the last year or so, we have had many inquiries from US military bases all over the country in locations like Illinois, Ohio, … Read More

Bay Area Power Outages

We know that living in the dark is hard and can affect many aspects of your daily lives. This is why we would like to remind you that there is a smart solution. Our lights here at Soltech are convenient … Read More

Remote Control Button Guide

Simple All-in-One Design Our remote controller allows you to have easy access to all your Soltech lights without any hassle. Here is a guide explaining the functions of each button. Our remote control comes with four different functions for our … Read More

Cegonia Wallpack

Soltech Cegonia Wallpack You are probably used to seeing our Soltech Cegonias attached on a pole somewhere on one of your streets. However, have you seen these lights mounted on walls? The Cegonia series has the option to do so. … Read More

Chapter 2: Solar Panel Solar Intake

In the last chapter, we introduced the most optimal angles for solar panels (chapter 1). We used Northern America as an example and suggested pointing your solar panels South to consume maximum sunlight for your off-grid solar lighting system. Aside … Read More

Chapter 1: Best Solar Panel Angles

We are starting a new educational series for those who buy our products and/or are interested in buying them. This series is meant to inform users on the different aspects of our lights and how to use them. Please contact … Read More

Cegonia Height Chart

Here is a chart we created showing practical heights to use our Cegonia. Depending on which Cegonia you choose, there is a height range in which they can be optimally and effectively mounted at to provide you with the best … Read More