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Costa Rica Installation

Check out our recent installation video in Costa Rica. We partnered up with Project Master to provide lights for the project using our SunLike 20W in a parking lot located in Costa Rica. Shout out to Project Master for the … Read More

Hurricane Solar Lights

Hurricane Solar Lights

Providing Light During this Rainy Season Here at Soltech, we know that there are things we can’t control. But that is why we want to focus on what we can, our lights. We know there are those who don’t have … Read More

New Low Temperature SunLikes!

Introducing our SunLike PRO version! We are bring Soltech to cold areas with our new super battery technology combined with the SunLike (In 30W and 50W lights). This will allow for the light to work in conditions between -40 °C  to … Read More

Send Us Pictures of Your Installation For a Free SunLike 8W

Free SunLike 8W Promotional Starting September 1st, 2019 until the end of the year, Soltech will be doing a promotional to earn a free SunLike 8W. All you need to do is take 7 (or more) high quality photos of … Read More

Why Use a Slip Fitter?

Slip Fitter vs. Trunnion The Slip Fitter and the Trunnion are both important and well-known accessories for our lights here at Soltech, but what is the difference? They both may be used in similar manners but their results are different. … Read More

New Flange Installation

New Accessories, New Possibilities The new addition of the flange accessory allows for multi-head (double, triple, or quad) mounts on single poles, good for applications like parking lots. Its easy and stable installation allows for quick mounting from Soltech lights … Read More

2019 Labor Day Sale

Starting August 23rd to September 30th, Soltech will be having a sale on Cegonia 8W lights. They will be 20% off their regular price during this period. Get them while they are in stock! For more information or questions about … Read More

Finding the Right Light

With Soltech’s one stop solution guide to all your lighting needs, why go anywhere else? Which Light Should I Get? With Soltech’s wide variety of lights in stock, it may be difficult to know which light you should get for … Read More

Meet Us In Atlanta at PEI 10/1-4!

You can learn more about PEI 2019 on their official site linked here.

New SunLike Color!

Introducing our new “Chocolate” SunLike! A deep brown finish, great for any application. Get yours today!