Ella Fitzgerald Park

About the project

The City of Detroit wanted to add a green way for the residents of the Fitzgerald neighborhood to enjoy along with the current Ella Fitzgerald Park

Soltech provided a solar solution with 50 Sunlike 30W for them.

For this project, we recommended at Sunlike 30W which would provide the proper coverage they required while it’s simple all-in-one design fit with the current park design. Each Sunlike came with a slip fitter to help with mounting on the poles they acquired for this project. 

We installed lights at a height of 15″ and an angle of 0° (We recommend our lights to never be at 0°, however for this project, it was insisted that they remain at this angle. Check out “Chapter 1 Panel Angle” to learn more about solar panel angle). 

This greenway was small part of a larger project by the City of Detroit called the Fitzgerald Revitalization Project. They have plans to work on thirteen other neighborhoods to make the area a better place for all residents and pedestrians alike. We enjoyed working with the City of Detroit in providing and installing these lights for such a great cause like this. 

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