Durable and Powerful

The Satelis Series is designed to withstand the most extreme weather and harsh environments. Featuring a 50-150 watt LED fixture, up to 2 solar panels, and an output of up to 15,000 lumens, Satelis is perfect for most commercial applications.

Product Information

The Satelis Series is a high-end, robust, and durable solar outdoor lighting system that provides quality off-grid light. This commercial-dedicated series is ideal for highways, city streets, large parking lots and area lighting. It comes with a wide choice of configurations, lighting outputs, and pole heights, and it’s optimized for high efficiency and longevity performance.

Powerful Panel &
Powerful Lighting

• 2*130W Dual Panels and 2*75W Dual
lighting head option
• 15000LM at 200 LM/W highest efficiency
in the industry

Modular & Customizable Concept

• Modular battery box with fast hooking design and IP68 underground options
• Top mounting or under mounting panel options
• Project friendly, TYPE II, and TYPE III lens module optional

Longer Life & Heavy Duty

• Grade A LifePO4 Battery Pack up to 25V*90AH, 2000+ full Charging cycles
• LEVEL 12 Wind Test

Standardized Lighting Design

• Illumination where you need it with dark-sky approved fixtures and scheduled dimming
• Meets road illumination IES standards
• Solar clean energy solution that also meets all industrial lighting compliances

For complete specs and details, download our Satelis data sheet and brochure.

Download Data Sheet Download Brochure

High Bay Light-HBI 230W

Product Details

High Bay is our lighting for various areas such as warehouses, exhibition halls, plant workshops, and tall ceiling installs. This series of high-ceiling lights is designed for easy installation/replacement for homeowners, electricians, and more. Our High Bay lights are highly cost-effective, have a long lifetime, and use highly-efficient LEDs.

Efficiency: Max 149lm/W
Lumens: from 14,325 lm to 42,990 lm
Wattage: 100W, 150W, 230W, 300W


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