Turtle-Friendly Solar LED Light

Turtle & Marine Life Friendly Leds

Unlike standard lights, SOLTECH turtle & marine life friendly lights exclude the short, often blue wavelengths by shining at 580 nanometers, which is invisible to turtles.

Product Information

To preserve ecosystemic balance, our custom LED chips only emit long 580–595 nanometer amber-colored light. The long-wavelength solution invisible to turtles also minimizes light pollution, protects human retinas, and preserves the sleep/wake circadian rhythm cycle.

50+ Hours Max Autonomy

• UP to 384WH battery capacity
• Full self-charging time less than 8hr
• One-key smart programing

High Brightness,
Smart Power Consumption

• >200lm/W—highest lumen efficiency in industry
• Microwave motion sensor and one-key automatic dimming
• Automatically switches to 40% energy saving mode during low battery capacity

Product Infomation

More Energy Production

• Up to 52W Mono Crystalline Solar Panel
• Adjustable lighting module provides self-cleaning solar panel surface

Longer Life

• Grade A LifePO4 Battery Pack, 2000+ full charging cycles

For complete specs and details, download our Sunlike data sheet and brochure.

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Turtle-Friendly Solar LED Light

Product Details

Affordable and user-friendly, SunLike lights are perfect for a wide range of applications, including schools, parks, and pathways. It’s an all-in-one solution die-cast in aluminum, making it as easy to install, as it is easy on the eyes. Available in three lumen outputs.

Efficiency: 200lm/W
Lumens: 1600lm, 4000lm, 6000lm
Wattage: 8W, 20W, 30W
Panels: 17Wp, 36Wp, 52 Wp
Battery Location: Integrated into the light



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