About Us

Who is Soltech?

Soltech’s headquarters & warehouse is located in Emeryville, California, ten minutes outside of San Francisco. Quality is guaranteed because we own our designs and control of each step of the production process in our own factories. We have already sold many units in North America, with installations in Detroit-Michigan, Cartago-Costa Rica, San Jose-Costa Rica, and many more areas, including large pending projects throughout California. We have 30+ contracts across the continental United States. Our installation for the City of Detroit has consistently provided strong light output even with cloudy, cold, and rough weather conditions. Our installation near San Francisco for the Bay Area railway system, BART, at Pittsburg Center Station in Pittsburg California has performed well and saved thousands of dollars on installation per pole.

What does Soltech do?

We design and manufacture a wide range of elite-quality, highly-efficient, excellent-value OFF-Grid solar lights & ON-Grid LED-sensor/remote control lights. We have spent over 20 years crafting luminaires, which has culminated in our smart-strip-LED technology, innovative light lens magnification, and bespoke light distribution. With the most competitive mono-crystalline solar panel technology to date, our light company has gone solar! We make energy bills history. Soltech is at the forefront of proliferating tomorrow’s green illumination.

By design, our solar lights are off-grid. We offer a drop-in, long-term, smart replacement to antiquated illumination. Our solar lights substantially reduce installation costs, maintenance needs, and construction permits. With electrical trenching-free installs, zero electricity bills, and unprecedented off-grid performance, Soltech is the smart choice. Our solar lights can save thousands of dollars per light pole compared to traditional lighting. The lineup consists of three main solar lights, Sunlike-for roads, Cegonia-for lots, and Satelis-for highways.

What problem is Soltech trying to solve and how are we doing it?

Our solar lights are a viable replacement to traditional lights which solve the major obstacle of grid connection required for traditional outdoor lights. Connecting to the electrical grid is expensive, environmentally-invasive, labor-intensive, and requires certified electricians, city permits, paperwork. Once installed, traditional outdoor lights, even if they are LEDs, accelerate the climate crisis by drawing roughly half of their energy from fossil-fuel burning powerplants. Our high-spec solar outdoor lights offer redundancy; each light has its own power source and power storage, offering peace of mind during emergencies. Our aerodynamic Sunlike solar light can withstand heavy storm winds with high brightness, efficiency, durability, and ease of maintenance. Going off-grid both accelerates the time frame of return on investment and significantly boosts sustainability. The monetary and environmental cost of paying for electricity over ten years, combined with the high cost and environmental impact of digging electrical trenching, especially through remote areas, makes off-grid solar lighting the smart choice. However, up until now, technology was not advanced enough to support a viable, dependable, and powerful replacement to traditional grid-connected street lighting. With over 20 years of lighting innovation, we have recently combined the height of illumination performance (200Lm/W LEDs) with the height of solar (21%+ Transfer Rate) and battery performance (2,000+ Cycle LiFePO4) in a streamlined design which is a realistic, affordable, and bright replacement for city street lights, backyards, and anything in between.

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