Turtle Friendly Solar Lights

Turtle-friendly Solar Lighting

Thousands of sea turtles are affected every year because of the electric lighting along beachfront properties and coastlines around the country. For more than 20 years, the Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) has worked to tighten the guidelines on beaches where property owners are restricted to amber light sources when visible from the beach to avoid the hatchlings disorientation.

To minimize the light pollution, We have developed turtle-friendly lighting solutions that include low wattage phosphor converted amber and true amber limited wavelength LEDs. Not only do our luminaires protect the environment, but also provide sustainable and energy-saving solutions for years to come.


Research has shown that sea turtles are less affected by lighting within specific wavelengths. Long-wavelength lighting such as Amber LEDS are less disruptive than white light. Typical area and site lighting producing white light contains higher blue content and can confuse baby hatchlings who rely on moonlight to guide them toward the water. In a 2000 STC study at Gulf Islands National Seashore, 45% of the nests hatched were disoriented by the lights from the neighboring shoreline buildings. Amber LED sources that are low-glare help minimize this confusion.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC), turtle-friendly luminaires must limit short wavelength light under 560 nanometers.

SOLTECH Turtle Friendly Specturm
Standard Light Spectrum


SOLTECH wildlife lighting icon—keep it low


Mount the fixture as low as possible and use the lowest wattage necessary for the needed purpose.

SOLTECH wildlife lighting icon—keep it long


Use long wavelength (greater than 560 nm) light sources such as amber LEDs.

SOLTECH wildlife lighting icon—keep it Shielded


Use fixtures that meet or exceed full cutoff that shield lamps or glowing lenses from being directly visible.

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