Our most economical light, the all-in-one SunLike can be used as an exterior solar light fixture for pathways, parks, schools, perimeters, and more.


With 90% downward light and elegant aesthetics, our solar outside lamp Cegonia is optimized for parking lots but can be used for other applications.


Our most advanced commercial solar energy lighting option, Satelis is best for major roads and freeways. The panel is angled to get more sunlight, especially during cold weather.

Why Soltech has the best outdoor solar lights

Industry-leading performance

Our solar powered external lights can brighten up to 7 nights given only 1 day of sun at an efficacy of 200Lm/W. With type II/III beam distribution, light output can be tailored to a wide range of applications


In-House Commitment to Quality

From doing our own die-casting to designing the most advanced electronic controllers, all aspects of our business are handled in-house, assuring high efficiency and extreme reliability. Exceptional quality is backed by our 20 years of manufacturing experience.


Accessible price

We manufacture our bright outdoor solar lights in 5 of our own factories, which allows our customers to access the most durable off-grid lights at an excellent value.

Innovative Approach to Industry Standards

Compliant with the highest performance standards of both the lighting and solar industries. With a long history of lighting innovation, we have integrated the best of solar technology to provide municipal-grade off-grid illumination.

Our Clients

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