Our most economical light, the all-in-one SunLike can be used for pathways, parks, schools, perimeters, and more.


With 90% downward light and elegant aesthetics, the Cegonia is optimized for parking lots but can be used for other applications.


Our most advanced commercial lighting option, Satelis is best for major roads and freeways.


A Legacy of Better Light

We are not a solar company that dabbles in lighting. We are a premium lighting company that utilizes solar. We have a long history of lighting innovation, thanks to our state-of-the-art lighting laboratory.


Wider Range of Products

At SolTech, quality and flexibility go hand in hand. No matter your application, optimal configuration, or luminosity needs, we have the perfect solution for you.

Factory Prices with Local Speed

Assembled in the US, our LED solar street lighting offers high quality at a fair price, while our multiple American distribution centers provide the fast turnaround of a local business.

In-House Commitment to Quality

From doing our own die-casting to designing the most advanced electronic controllers, all aspects of our business are handled in-house, assuring high efficiency and extreme reliability.