Solar Bus Stop Light RICHMOND

RICHMOND—Enhanced Safety and Eco-Friendly Lighting

Solar Bus Stop Light RICHMOND illuminate your bus stops with the innovative, designed to enhance safety and visibility in outdoor transit areas during dusk or nighttime. This eco-friendly lighting solution is powered by advanced solar technology, ensuring a sustainable and cost-effective way to keep your community safe. Equipped with an automatic dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor, the light activates automatically in low-light conditions, providing up to 38 hours of bright illumination with its super bright LED luminaires. RICHMOND's easy installation and low maintenance design make it an ideal choice for areas without access to the electric grid. Experience reliable, high-quality lighting that supports a greener future with the RICHMOND Solar Bus Stop Light.

Product Information

RICHMOND bus stop light are featuring energy-efficient LEDs and a solar-powered design for reliable, dusk-to-dawn illumination. Easy to install and maintenance-free, this eco-friendly light ensures safety and visibility in any location, without the need for grid power.

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Low Maintenance &
Smart Design

• First, All-in-One Design: Solar panel, battery & controller in one Luminaire
• SecondDie cast A380 aluminum fixture housing is rust-free
• Third, Designed to have a minimal Effective Projected Area (EPA), reducing wind load and resistance
• Fourth, Provides dusk-to-dawn lighting, automatically turning on at night and off at dawn for convenience and energy efficiency
• Fifth, Up to 2 luminaires to provide security lighting exactly where you need it

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Greater Energy Production

• Firstly, 190lm/W—the highest efficiency in the industry
• Secondly, Smart MPPT Controller
• Thirdly, Up to 38 Hours (3 nights) on full charges

Longer Life

• Firstly, grade A LifePO4 Battery Pack, 2000+ full charging cycles
• Lumileds 5050 LED chips the


Installation/User Manual

RICHMOND Solar Bus Stop Light 8W/16W

Product Details

Solar Bus Stop Light RICHMOND can help enhance safety at bus stops during dusk or darkness. This eco-friendly solution is perfect for locations without grid access, featuring an automatic dusk-to-dawn sensor for hassle-free operation. Solar bus stop light RICHMOND with up to two super bright LED luminaires, it guarantees up to 38 hours of illumination on a full charge, ensuring visibility and security in outdoor transit areas.

Lumens: 1,520LM / 3,040LM
Wattage: 8W / 16W
Solar Panel: Mono-Crystalline 18V 50W

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