Solar Bollard Light SUNDIAL

Smart Solar Tracking System & Top-rated Impact-resistant Cover

SUNDIAL solar bollard lights are ideal for residential and commercial pathway applications. This bright 3W solar-powered bollard features an integrated solar panel that can track the movement of the sun and harvest more solar energy. The IK10 PC cover provides a high level of impact protection and vandal proof. With full brightness all night, bollards provide safety and security to pathways.

Product Information

Living a sunflower lifestyle, SUNDIAL was designed with a smart solar tracking system. SUNDIAL solar panel has a full 360 design, which enables the solar panel to adjust the tilt angle automatically and maximize the intake of the solar energy. Compared with traditional solar bollard lights, SUNDIAL increased charging efficiency by at least 50%. The IK10 PC cover features an extremely safe & vandal proof body. With the high impact-resistant cover, SUNDIAL can sustain up to 20 joules external mechanical impact, which can be rendered as highly vandal-proof. The SUNDIAL solar bollard light can be a great option for urban light in multiple applications, including pedestrian lighting, residential and commercial pathway lighting, and so forth.

360 Tracking

Smart Solar Tracking System

• Full 360 design to track full sunlight source
• Smart learning system: predict & adjust to ensure optimal lighting performance


Multifunctional & Flexible

• Provides both ground mount and wall mount options, flexible for all environmental conditions
• Three heights to meet various urban site planning needs
• Perfect choice for both residential and commercial use. Fit in any pedestrian applications

Financial Operation Icon

Cost Saving

• No trenching or wiring costs
• Simplify landscaping electrical design



• IK10 Polycarbonate PC protective light cover, extremely safe & vandal proof
• Highest IK rating; Avoid physical damage & Provide the top-rated impact protection
• Round shape design minimizes the accumulation of dust and grime on solar panel



Product Details

SUNDIAL bollard light features with the smart solar tracking system and a high level of impact protection & vandal proof. It can be widely used in pedestrian, park, and pathway applications.

Efficiency: 100 LM/W
Lumens: 300lm
Wattage: 3W
Panels: 4.3V 3W
Waterproof Rate: IP65
Height: 13”, 24”, 42”









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