Solar Flood Light


The SOLPAD features an integrated design that makes this one of the easiest lights to install and can mount to many different wall surfaces. SOLPAD also eliminates trenching, cabling, and electricity costs. With its advanced sensors, it can automatically turn off when it is daylight and turn on at dusk. The light can be programmed using buttons on the fixture, or using a simple handheld remote. Using the motion sensor function, the light can detect motion and will turn on automatically when it senses movement. With only six hours of sunlight, the fixture can operate for three to four days.

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Product Information

This compact, integrated flood light pad is ideal to create brightly-lit, outdoor applications for residential garages, parking lots, schools, hotels and outdoor walk ways, that demand long service life and low maintenance. Three smart lighting mode options address all kinds of applications and weather.

Generates More Solar Energy & Stores More Energy

• Solar panel bracket is 360° adjustable and the light module is 135° adjustable. The Adjustable solar panel angle enables maximizing sunlight collected and allows snow to slide off.
• Large battery capacity of 7200mAh enables long run times.


• Wall-mounting and post-mounting
accessories available

Longer Life

• The latest advanced Li-ion battery lasts 2000+ charging cycles
• 3 operating modes that are programmable via remote control or controls on the fixture
• IP65 rated protection from water, dirt, and dust.

Integrated Design

• The easiest way to bring lighting to any outdoor application
• Photo and motion sensors, wide angle 180° detection, high sensitivity
• Wall-mounting and post-mounting accessories available


Installation/User Manual

YouTube Demonstration Video

Solar LED Light-SOLPAD

Product Details

SOLPAD will provide security and sustainability with no electricity costs and low maintenance costs.

Efficiency: 100lm/W
Lumens: 500lm, 1,000lm
Wattage: 5W, 10W
Panels: Mono-Crystalline 5.5V 6W
Battery Location: Integrated into the light




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