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Solar Flag Light SPOTLINE

SPOTLINE Solar Flag Light is designed for signs, flags, windsocks, landscape accents.

SPOTLINE comes complete with a self-contained solar power assembly sized to run the specified solar light fixture. This solar flag lighting system is no need for an extra power source, which eliminates the need for trenching, wiring, and electricity costs. With a two piece design solution for the panel and lighting engine, these fixtures can easily provide up to 3+ days of operation on a full charge. Each fixture provides the needed lighting levels and distribution pattern to give the perfect lighting solution to meet the application’s requirements.

Product Information

Solar Flag Light SPOTLINE is a solar-powered system designed for signs, flags, windsocks, landscape accents, and any other architectural features. It is an efficient, budget-friendly fixture with multiple distribution patterns and provides an excellent light output.

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Low Maintenance &
Smart Design

• Firstly, Easy installation and operation • Die cast A380 aluminum fixture housing is rust-free
• Secondly, Dusk to dawn illumination.
• Thirdly, Provides different lighting levels and distribution patterns. Beam angle is available from 25° to 65°.

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High Brightness, Smart Power Consumption

• Firstly, 190lm/W—the highest efficiency in the industry
• Secondly, smart MPPT Controller
• Thirdly, up to 38 Hours (3 nights) on full charges

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Generates More Solar Energy

• Firstly, two-piece design for the solar panel and Light allows maximum solar collection.
• Secondly, cold-weather battery withstands frigid climates up to -30°C/-22°F


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