Solar Wall Pack Light

Residential Solar LED Wall Pack Light NUVO

NUVO 25W is designed for residential installations. This solar light can easily mount on the wall or fence around houses. They don’t have to do trenching, cabling when install the solar light NUVO. As a result, it provide a lot opportunities for people to light up the dark places around residential areas. It provides large light coverage during the nighttime. Also, the NUVO light cover has an eye protection design that it will reduce the glare light when the light is turned on. Most importantly, the motion sensor design can help the light control the energy output which means when the sensor detects people, the light will turn to 100% light output. Otherwise, it will keep a low light output to save energy. Also, the light will turn on automatically during the night. Users don’t have to turn it on manually. The light body build by ABS plastic, and it has IP65 waterproof rate, so it is a reliable solar light system for residential users to light up their houses.

Product Information

NUVO 25W solar LED wall pack light. It is ideal for residential use and provides security for your garage, driveway, garden, and the whole property. Can be quickly and easily installed on a wall or fence. Therefore, it gives users a lot of opportunities to light up the dark areas around their houses.

Dual-lens Design

• Firstly, eye protection lampshade
• Secondly, quick & Easy Installation
• Thirdly, wider lighting angle & Larger coverage

Motion Sensor Design

• Firstly, energy efficient system

low maintenance icon

Cost Saving

• Firstly, no trenching, cabling, nor A/C electrical hookup required


High Reliability & Durability

• Firstly, ABS plastic shell
• Secondly, Waterproof, IP65


Installation/User Manual

YouTube Demonstration Video

Solar Wall Pack Light NUVO

Product Details

Solar wall pack light NUVO 25w is a special design that SOLTECH created for residential solar light users. It is easily to install and operate. the reflect cover can keep the solar panel has the maximum sunlight intake during the daytime. Therefore, it delivers the best light result in the night. Users can mount it either on wall or fence to light up the dark areas around their houses. This solar wall pack light is one of the great choice for residential storage lighting, driveway lighting, front and back yard lighting and security lighting, etc.

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