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Mobile Solar Light Tower SCOUT

Mobile Solar Light Tower With Compact Design

Mobile Solar Light Tower SCOUT provides versatile temporary lighting that is the perfect product for a long-term illumination of medium to large sized working areas. Solar light tower SCOUT has the most compact design when compare with other similar products. For this reason, users can easy transfer it from place to place and set it up quickly. Because SCOUT is solar powered, users do not need to do trenching and wiring which can save a lot of cost for them. Most important, SCOUT has 22 configurable units which can fit different user needs. Users can adjust the pole height by rotate the manual winch, and the maximum height is 12ft to ensures the high illuminating coverage.

Product Information

Mobile Solar Light Tower SCOUT is the ideal solution for temporary outdoor solar lighting. Solar light tower SCOUT can be easily transported from location to location, without trenching, cabling, electricity, nor diesel fuel costs.

Heavy Duty Construction

• Firstly, steel mast, 4 sections, 12ft maximum
• Secondly, manual winch for up to 1565 lbs

Easy Deploy & Move

• Firstly, compact design with manual winch up and down.

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High Quality Construction

• Firstly, Hot dip galvanized base and
reliable design
• Secondly, 22 configurable options available
• Thirdly, provides a wider illumination area of 8,611sq ft at 12ft max height.

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Flexible Light Distribution Range

• Firstly, collapsed height of 9.5ft
• Secondly maximum of 12 ft tall, providing a wide range of light distributions

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Clean, Quiet & Environmental Friendly

• Firstly, No toxic generator exhaust
• Secondly, quiet and produce no fumes
• Thirdly, ideal alternative to diesel or gas generator-powered light tower

Greater Cost Saving​

• Firstly, Eliminates trenching, cabling, electricity, and diesel fuel costs


Installation/User Manual

Brief Specifications



Coverage Area

Light height


Two 100W Flood Light

Max 3,0000 Lumens

8,611sq ft

9.5–12 ft. tall 

One 460W Monocrystal Silicon Solar Panel