Memorial Day Observance

Memorial day is placed as a Federal Holiday where we honor our fallen soldiers in America. Staying socially distant while maintaining CDC and our government protocols is one way you can honor those who have fallen. SOLTECH respectfully observes this … Read More

We are back in the office!

As we follow our safety standards and guidelines in the Alameda county – we needed to decide if SOLTECH’s headquarters are going back to work in our offices. An excerpt from Mercury News, “When the week began, the three most-populous … Read More

We’re on EdisonReport.TV!

A Medical Center in Sacramento was recently featured on EdisonReport.tv! Here’s the link to the featured lighting design.   We are ecstatic on being featured and hope to be with many more testamonials.   We thank EdisonReport.tv for our feature. … Read More

Sunlike 50W

The Sunlike 50W brings a familiar name with a brand new power. It has an integrated Solar panel as the whole rear side, which allows maximum sunlight input. It’s movable LED panel allows you to ensure no matter where you … Read More

We’re still processing orders!

SOLTECH believes in safety and security year round.       As our nation starts to lessen and ease our Shelter in Place we still strive for excellent communication while we are processing orders.   During this time, we’ve learned … Read More

Lighting System

Meeting with Eichleay

We had the opportunity recently to have a meeting with Eichleay. We teamed up with Western Lighting to present a project to a Petroleum Company for a railroad application.   It consisted of our Satelis 50w Fixtures, and currently in … Read More

Why Solar Lighting

Why Solar?

Most of the us are staying at home. During this time there is a very limited source of installations in solar products that are very easy and reliable.   This is where SOLTECH takes pride in the ability to change … Read More

Solar Panel Optimization

Solar Panel Optimization

At SOLTECH we understand solar power in a battery pack won’t last forever, the off-grid solar system relies on stored daytime solar energy for autonomy. By angling your solar panels properly you can boost power intake. You’ll want to angle … Read More

Solar Billboard Light

Our Newest Solar Product!

We are proud to innovate and celebrate our newest solar product line, the FOCUS     The FOCUS is a billboard sign light that allows a versatile adjustability in height, angle, and amount of light.   The adjustable LED module … Read More

Soltech Quick Shipping

Quick Shipping Feature Added!

As Soltech makes strides to grow faster within this economy and state of affairs, we look to create new features on our website that make it more efficient and accessible.     We’ve added a new Quick Shipping feature! With … Read More