BAA Compliant LED Lighting

BAA Compliant
Solar LED Lighting

The BAA (Buy American Act) compliant solar LED products are well designed especially for military, federal, municipalities, hospitals, and schools customers to provide them lighting solutions in different senarios. Our BAA compliant solar lights are designed to support U.S. government procurement personnel, specifiers, and contractors.

Recommended solar LED lights for BAA Compliant Lighting

SUNLIKE BAA and CEGONIA BAA are our solar lighting systems dedicated to military, federal, municipalities, hospitals, and school customers to achieve their energy efficiency goals. Our BAA-compliant solar LED lights are easy to install and require virtually no maintenance. They provide sufficient lighting for numerous applications, such as parking lots, courtyards, landscapes, pathways, and much more. Our SUNLIKE BAA is an all-in-one design, while CEGONIA BAA is a two-piece design solution for the panel and lighting engine, which gives people flexible solutions for different lighting cases. These fixtures can easily provide up to 7+ days of operation on a full charge.

SUNLIKE 30W product picture
  • Up to 384 WH battery capacity
  • Full self-charging time less than 11 hrs
  • One-key smart programming
  • >200lm/W— Highest efficiency in the industry
  • Microwave motion sensor and one-key automatic dimming
  • Automatically switches to 40% energy saving mode during low battery capacity
  • 6 different mounting options
  • Designed for round pole, square pole and wall pack applications
  • Acts as a solar flood lightUp to 52W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel
  • Adjustable angle for the fixture head allows maximum solar collection and self-cleaning of the solar panel surface
CEGONIA product picture
  • Up to 64 W Mono Crystalline Solar Panel
  • Angled solar panel provides maximum energy and self-cleaning of the panel surface
  • UP to 384 WH battery capacity
  • Full self-charging time less than 6.5 hrs
  • One-key smart programming
  • 360-degree downward light disbursement
  • >200 LM/W lighting efficiency
  • Grade A LifePO4 Battery Pack, 2000+ full charging cycles
  • Lumileds 5050 LED chips for PRO
  • PC diffuser is UV-resistant
  • Pole mounting option and wall mounting option
  • 270-degree rotation and large panel size work universally in high shade areas
  • Rotating solar panel and rotating light engine

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