Colorado Candelas Community

Candelas Community Solar Light

About the Project

Candelas Community Solar Flood Light

Candelas is a large local master-planned community located in Arvada, Colorado. This area is around 1,500-acres and contains 12 different neighborhoods segmented into six different residential villages. All of the villages are well-designed; people can enjoy unique views of the surrounding landscape with glimpses of mountains, valleys, and the downtown Denver skyline.

The community takes well care of its residents. There are several mailboxes at the neighborhood entrances, but they are far from street lights, so the residents have a hard time finding their mail. Unfortunately, there is no wiring available near the mailboxes, and it wasn’t easy to connect to power. Luckily, SOLTECH solar lights offered a great solution.

The COSMO Fixture

The COSMO solar floodlight was the best option for this project. The COSMO offers a two-piece design extending the solar panel from the light module up to 11.3 ft. The community fixed the solar panel over the canopy of the mailboxes and installed the fixture’s light module under the canopy. Both the solar panel and lights were positioned in the best location with the best orientation to ensure an extensive performance. 

Unlike other traditional solar floodlights, the COSMO uses an advanced intelligent adaptive Program (IAP) to control the battery. This technology allows the light to track battery life and store energy during cloudy and rainy days. 



The key in the solar lighting business is to select the most suitable solution based on specific details of the project’s location and weather. Every time we get into a project, we consider the weather, temperature, location, and wind levels. SOLTECH aims to bring the latest technologies to the solar lighting industry and commit to offering the best solar solutions for customers. We keep moving forward with the spirit of innovation and a warm heart to meet all customer needs.


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