Pittsburg BART Station

About the project

We worked with the city of Pittsburg to provide 9 SunLike 20W to illuminate the pedestrian pathway leading to the Pittsburg Center BART Station entrance on CA Highway 4 E/W overpass. They are mounted using Slip Fitters to poles against a fence and set at a zero degree. (Learn more about the solar panel angle)

We did a lighting design using the software DIALux. Lights had to be retrofit-installed on existing fence posts- light pattern slightly reflects this limitation yet decent coverage overall was achieved as seen in the following photometric.

Why go solar?

Installing traditional grid-connected LEDs would have cost thousands of dollars more per pole because it would have required drilling electrical conduit the entire length of the highway overpass. If you are in the same case, solar lights would be your perfect choice.

◆ Brightness: 4,000 Lm

◆ Efficiency: 200 Lm per Watt

◆ Color Temperature: 5000 K

◆ Total installation height: 10 Feet

◆ Average sunny days in Pittsburg CA: 265 

◆ US average sunny days/year: 205

◆ Average fc: >2 (The Lux level reach up to 36+ Lux under each pole. This matches the initial photometric results and Illumination Engineering Society of North America’s walking path brightness standards.)


Project Video

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