Cold Weather Solar Light

Cold Weather Solar LED Light

SATELIS PRO is the up grade cold weather solar LED light for cold weather places. For example, heavy snow, rain and cloudy areas. Because it has a low-temperature battery, it provides best charging, discharging and lighting performance in cold areas. if you want to light up your business area and save your energy bill in the same time, SATELIS PRO is one of the best choices for you.

Product Information

Firstly, compare with other solar products, SATELIS PRO solar panels turn sunlight into electric power more efficient when sunlight hits the solar panels because it combines the latest controller technology. Secondly, the electric power produced from the sunlight is stored in the low-temperature battery pack to keep the light can work in the cold areas.

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50+ Hours Max Autonomy

• Firstly, 600WH battery capacity
• Secondly, Full solar re-charge in less than 11 hours

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High Brightness
Smart Power Consumption

• Firstly, 200lm/W—in other words, the highest efficiency in the industry
• Secondly, remote control included with one-button mode settings
• Thirdly, automatically switches to 40% energy saving mode during low battery levels, in short, the advance lighting performance

Modular & Customizable Design

• Firstly, modular battery box with fast hooking design and IP65 waterproof rating
• Secondly, Top mounting or under mounting panel options
• Thirdly, Reduce the installation time for new construction projects. To sum up, easy to install
• Fourthly, TYPE III light distribution comes standard, also TYPE II and TYPE IV are available.

Longer Life & Heavy Duty

• Firstly, Grade A Superior Battery Pack up to 12V*50AH, 2000+ Full Charging Cycles
• Secondly, LEVEL 12 Wind Test

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Greater Energy Production

• Firstly, 145W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel • Secondly, Adjustable angle for the solar panel design, therefore, allows maximum solar collection and self-cleaning of the solar panel surface

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Low Maintenance Design

• Firstly, Field-replaceable battery functionality via quick connections
• Secondly, Because the die cast A380 aluminum housing, the light is rust-free
• Thirdly, 10+ year warranty options for municipal utility projects


YouTube Demonstration Video

Solar Cold Weather Light SATELIS PRO

Product Details

Because SATELIS PRO commercial solar LED light is combined the latest controller and battery technologies, it can work at low temperature when compare it with other solar products. In short, it’s a heavy duty commercial solar LED light which only design for cold areas.

Efficiency: 200lm/W
Lumens: 10,000lm,
Panels: 145Wp
Operating Temperature: -40°C/-40 °F to 140 °F

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