Elegant Solar LED Light CEGONIA

Elegant Solar LED Light

CEGONIA elegant solar LED light has an artful design style combine with graceful curves. In other words, it’s one of the best choices for commercial decretive solar LED lighting needs. Such as, park pathways, schools, urban gardens, etc. CEGONIA solar LED light’s solar panel can rotated 270 degree to maximum the sunlight in-take during the daytime. Therefore, users don’t have to worry about the solar panel direction issue when they use solar LED light. Also, it delivers large light area and great lighting output during the night time. The CEGONIA solar led light shares the latest SOLTECH controller technology, so it can manage the power output and keep the light can work even in the cloudy days.

Product Information

CEGONIA solar LED light offers three wattages that 8W, 20W and 30W. It’s perfect for areas where need light up and have decorative requirements. CEGONIA provides great lighting result for many different applications, such as parking lots, courtyards, landscapes, pathways, bicycle lanes, park playgrounds and corporate campuses. With a two-piece and elegant design style that rotatable panel and light body, CEGONIA solar LED light can easily provide up to 7+ days of operation on a full charge.

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Generates More Solar Energy

• Firstly, up to 64 W Mono Crystalline Solar Panel
• Secondly, angled solar panel provides maximum energy and self-cleaning of the panel surface

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7 Days and 50+ Hours Max Autonomy

• Firstly, UP to 384 WH battery capacity
• Secondly, Full self-charging time
less than 6.5 hrs
• Thirdly, Remote control included with one-button mode settings

High Brightness, Smart Power Consumption

• Firstly, 360-degree downward light disbursement
• Secondly, >200 LM/W lighting efficiency

Longer Life

• Firstly, Grade A LifePO4 Battery Pack, 2000+ full charging cycles
• Secondly, lumileds 5050 LED chips for PRO
• Thirdly, PC diffuser is UV-resistant

Universality for Different Orientations

• Firstly, Pole mounting option
and wall mounting option
• Secondly, 270-degree rotation and large panel size work universally in high shade areas
• Thirdly, rotating solar panel and rotating light engine

Elegant Design

• Firstly, Perfect balance between a retro/classic design and the contemporary appearance of our latest solar technology


YouTube Demonstration Video

Solar Elegant LED Light CEGONIA

Product Details

CEGONIA is an elegant solar LED lighting solution for parks, schools, and other solar LED lighting projects which have elegant requirements. It’s both easy to install and attractive. Also the solar panel of CEGONIA can rotate 270-degree to maximum the sunlight in-take. In other words, CEGONIA solar LED light is one of the most efficient solar charging LED lights in the market now. It has an elegant design, and it’s a great choices for customers who are looking for solar LED light and have decorative needs.

Efficiency: 200lm/W
Lumens: 1,600lm, 4,000lm, 6,000lm
Wattage: 8W, 20W, 30W
Panels: 20Wp, 48Wp, 64Wp
Battery Location: Underneath the solar panel








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