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Solar Multifunctional LED Light SOLTAB

Solar Multifunctional LED Light

Solar multifunctional LED light SOLTAB features a double-sided solar panel to maximize energy absorption. Also it has a photocell sensor, a radar sensor. Therefore it can turn on automatically during the night time and dimming up and down to save the energy. SOLTAB has four lighting modes for users to fit different lighting needs. SOLTAB also can use as a flash light, an emergency light and a power bank that can be used with portable electronic devices. The light head can be disconnected from the solar panel to allow maximum portability and convenience. The Solar multifunctional LED light SOLTAB can also be mounted to the wall using the bracket. During installation, the solar panel can be separated from the fixture to accommodate for any urban or residential design. The light features both constant light modes and sensor modes that can be programmed using the buttons located on the light.

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Product Information

Solar multifunctional LED light SOLTAB is the fixture that SOLTECH created for residential use. It has a separated light head design. Therefore users can take off the light head from the solar panel and use it as a flash light, emergency light, etc. The SOLTAB light head has a power bank function. Users can use it to charge mobile devices, such as, mobile phones, cameras. The light head has high lumen output up to 1,000lm. The whole fixture is waterproof. It has pass the IP65 waterproof rate, which means users can use it in wet places and rainy days.

One Key Control

• Firstly, change the operating modes using the silicon rubber on/off button.

Multifunctional & Flexible

• Firstly, the light can be used separately or connected to the solar panel with the water tight quick connector
• Secondly, use outdoor as a flood
light or wall pack
• Thirdly, use indoor as a desk
light or emergency light
• Fourthly, use as a portable work light or camping light
• Fifth, use as your power bank with solar recharging and a USB port


• Firstly, tempered-glass laminated, reliable and durable for portable usage. Double-sided solar panel achieves a higher conversion efficiency.
• Secondly, tools-free rotator enables solar panel angle adjustment or light direction adjustment, with just bare hands

Ergonomic Design

• Firstly, clear Indicator of Battery Capacity: 25% 50% 75% 100%. It quickly shows the battery capacity at any time. Enables better planning for your activities
• Secondly, lenses for superior optical control, enhanced lighting efficiency and reduced glare


Installation/User Manual

YouTube Demonstration Video