Solar Self Heating Battery

Solar Self Heating Battery and MPPT Controller

Solar self heating battery SATELIS THERMO 50W is designed to use in the most extreme weather and harsh environments. This commercial-grade series is ideal for highways, city streets, large parking lots etc. SATELIS THERMO combines SOLTECH most advance battery technology. So it can deliver the best lighting result in the extreme cold places. The rotatable solar panel also allow clients to adjust the panel angle. Then the fixture can harvest the maximum sunlight to charge the self heating battery. The build-in MPPT controller will monitor the energy spend of the fixture during the night time. Therefore, the fixture can automatically manage the energy spend in the night during the bad weather and keep the lighting performance.

Product Information

SATELIS THERMO 50W meets the lighting requirements for major roads and highways. Equipped with more powerful solar panels and higher capacity self-heating lithium battery packs to ensure battery run time. SATELIS THERMO is the spec-grade LED solar lighting solution for most commercial applications in cold places.

Powerful Panel &
Powerful Lighting

• Firstly, 130W Panels
• Secondly, 10,000LM at 200 LM/W highest efficiency in the industry
• Thirdly, remote control included with
one-button mode settings

Modular & Customizable Concept

• Firstly, modular battery box with fast hooking design and IP68 underground options
• Secondly, top mounting or under
mounting panel options
• Thirdly, reduce the construction
time for building projects
• Fourthly, Multi-distribution options: Type II, Type III and Type V available.


Longer Life & Heavy Duty

• Firstly, grade A LifePO4 Battery Pack 12.8V*54AH, 2000+ full Charging cycles
• Secondly, LEVEL 12 Wind Test
• Thirdly, self heating Battery

Standardized Lighting Design

• Firstly, Illumination where you need it with scheduled dimming
• Secondly, meets IES standards for road illumination
• Thirdly, solar clean energy solution that also meets street and area light compliances


YouTube Demonstration Video

Solar Self Heating Battery SATELIS THERMO

Product Details

Solar self heating battery SATELIS THERMO meets the lighting requirements of major roads and highways. Equipped with more powerful solar panels and higher capacity self heating battery packs to ensure battery endurance, SATELIS THERMO is the custom solar LED lighting solution, especially for cold environments. SATELIS THERMO combined with the latest SOLTECH battery technology. The charging temperature of the SATELIS THERMO battery is -15°C/5 °F to 145 °F which is a significant improvement when compare it with other solar commercial LED product batteries. Solar Self Heating Battery SATELIS THERMO also a rotatable solar panel. It allows the fixture to harvest the most sunlight during the daytime. The build in MPPT controller can monitor the energy spend during the nighttime. Therefore, SATELIS THERMO can provide great lighting result in the cold areas. In short, it’s one of the best commercial solar LED lighting solution for cold areas.

Efficiency: 200lm/W
Lumens: 10,000lm,
Panels: 200Wp
Charging Temperature: -15°C/5 °F to 145 °F
Battery Location: Pole side or below ground






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