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Solar Turtle Friendly Signage Light FOCUS


Solar Turtle Friendly Signage light FOCUS features an all-in-one design. The solar panel and battery are built with the hinged LED module as one complete system. There is no need for an extra power source, which eliminates the need for trenching, wiring, and electricity costs. Ideal for signages, sculptures, landmarks, and architectural features. The fixtures will turn on at night, automatically because it has a build-in photocell sensor. It has a build-in lighting mode that it will staying at 100% power for 4 hours (highest activity period) and then they dim down to 25%, for the rest of the night. Install Solar turtle friendly signage light FOCUS at businesses, stores, schools and community signs. FOCUS will bring security and sustainability with no electric bill and low maintenance costs.

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Product Information

FOCUS can be easily mount on different surface. Such as, concrete and soil. When Users mount FOCUS on soil land, SOLTECH support the customize mounting accessories it. FOCUS has an adjustable pole to fix with different object height. More important, Solar LED signage light FOCUS has an adjustable solar panel. Which means users can adjust the panel angle after they install the FOCUS. So the solar panel can harvest the best sunlight to charge fixture. FOCUS has a photocell sensor on the solar panel, that means it can detect the environment light. When the surrounding environment gat darker, FOCUS will turn on automatically. The FOCUS has build-in lighting mode. When users press the button on the fixture, it will be turned on and followed the build-in lighting mode.

Generates More
Solar Energy

• Firstly, crystalline Solar Panel with 45 degree tilted angle design, produces double the energy compared to horizontal designs.
•Secondly, built-in tempered glass solar panel, designed to provide self-cleaning operation between rainy and sunny days.

Adjustable LED
module design

• Firstly, the hinged LED module with solar panel is adjustable to aim
at the target object.
• Secondly, the solar panel blocks most glare for observer eye comfort.

Longer Life

• Firstly, LED rated life of 50,000 hours.
• Secondly, easy to change modular battery pack to further extend product life.
• Thirdly, integrated Smart controller provides true dusk to dawn operation, with first 4-hours at full brightness, followed by 25% until dawn.

Heavy Duty and flexible base design

• Firstly, a commercial-grade steel base adjusts the height of the telescopic mount to ensure the fixture is at the right illumination height.


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