Solar Wall Light


SOLPORT 7W features an integrated design, with the solar panel and battery built into the LED fixture. It is ideal to light up residential outdoor wall mount applications in your house garages, entrances, and outdoor walkways that demand long service life and low maintenance.

Product Information

The SOLPORT is a solar-powered wall light that can be easily installed onto nearly any surface using its mounting plate. With its integrated design, the SOLPORT is lower cost than traditional wall packs because there are no wiring costs nor electricity costs when installing or using this fixture. With the sensor, the light can be programmed in a multitude of ways using the remote control.

Maximizes Solar Energy

• Adjust solar panel angle to maximize sunlight & allow snow to slide off

Adjustable LED Module Design

• The hinged LED module with solar panel is adjustable to aim light at a target
• The solar panel blocks most glare for observer eye comfort
• Easy anti-theft installation


Longer Life

• Advanced new Li-ion battery lasts 500 charging-discharging cycles
• 3 operating modes that are programmable via remote control or on fixture
• Long life battery lasts 3 nights with a one-day charge

Integrated Design

• The easiest way to bring lighting to walls on any commercial building
• Integrates the solar panel, battery, sensor, and light fixture into one small form factor


Installation/User Manual


Product Details

With the versatility to shine on any wall, the SOLPORT is a versatile off-grid wall pack to provide exceptional performance in your project.

Lumens: 700lm
Wattage: 7W
Working Mode: 3 Different Modes
Beam Angle: 80*100 °






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