Cold Area Solar Light SUNLIKE PRO

Cold Area Solar LED Light

Cold Area Solar Light SUNLIKE PRO is an advanced all-in-one solar light for the cold locations, and it's a eco-friendly, easily installed, off-grid lighting solution. Therefore, it's best for cold areas such as pathways, parking lots, landscaping, parks, schools, trails, or any cold places that have no access to conventional power and need light.

Product Information

The cold temperature is actually one of the key facts for solar panel efficiency and solar light performance. Contrary to common belief, heat diminishes the solar panel’s electric power production. But SOLTECH innovated low-temperature battery technology to overcome the disadvantage of the solar light cold-weather performance. As a result, the low-temperature battery technology in the SUNLIKE PRO 30W provides excellent low-temperature charging and discharging performance in the cold areas.

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50+ Hours Max Autonomy

• Firstly, 320 WH battery capacity
• Secondly, Full self-charging time less than 11 hr
• Thirdly, One-key smart programming

High Brightness,
Smart Power Consumption

• Firstly, >200lm/W—in other words, the highest efficiency in the industry
• Secondly, PIR motion sensor
•Thirdly, remote control included with one-button mode settings
• Fourthly, automatically switches to 40% energy saving mode during low battery capacity

Complete Universality

• Firstly, 5 different mounting options
• Secondly, Designed for round pole, square pole and wall pack applications
• Thirdly, Acts as a solar area light

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Greater Energy Production

• Firstly, Up to 52 W Mono Crystalline Solar Panel
• Secondly, Adjustable angle for the fixture head allows maximum solar collection and self-cleaning of the solar panel surface

Longer Life

• Firstly, Grade A Superior Battery Pack, 2000+ full charging cycles
• Secondly, Lumileds 5050 LED chips

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Low Maintenance Design

• Firstly, Die cast A380 aluminum fixture housing is rust-free
• Secondly, 10+ year warranty options for municipal utility projects


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Cold Area Solar Light SUNLIKE PRO

Product Details

low-temperature battery and latest controller technologies has installed in SUNLIKE PRO 30W Cold Area Solar Light. In short, it provides best low-temperature charging, discharging and lighting performance.

Efficiency: 200lm/W
Lumens: 6000lm
Wattage: 30W
Panels: 52 Wp
Battery Location: Integrated into the light body

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