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Lighting Design VS Building Design

Integrating traditional lighting into architectural design has always been difficult. Ensuring that the trenching and cabling needed for traditional on-grid LEDs does not interfere with the original design of a building is a challenge faced by contractors every day, especially if the light wasn’t considered in the original building plans. However, through harnessing the power of the sun with state-of-the-art solar lights, Soltech can bypass these worries but guaranteeing an aesthetically pleasing fixture while simultaneously preserving the original design. In coordination with our sales rep Pacific Lighting and Graybar, we worked with an Amazon warehouse in Nevada to install our Sunlike 8w.




In this project, the warehouse wanted lighting that could be used to help illuminate the warehouse number located on the building. To do this, Soltech installed the fixture using a wall mount above the warehouse numbers. Due to the Sunlike’s all-in-one solar design, there was no extra wiring or trenching needed. Under these circumstances, Soltech was able to install the light while still maintaining the current design of the building.

Since the fixture is not connected to the city power supply, the Sunlike is able to produce constant light while lowering the warehouse’s overall energy consumption. Due to increasing pressure from both governments and consumers, companies will need to continue being creative in lowering their future energy consumption.

This was the first time the Sunlike has been used in such an application. Due to the design of the fixture and the versatility in its mounting options, the Sunlike can easily compliment any existing design.

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