College town

College Town

About the project

This project was done for an apartment parking lot near a university in Mexico City. We provided 20 Sunlike 30W with Slip Fitter attachment for their parking area and street.

It is important for residents to feel safe especially living in college towns. Many students stay out late and having bright street lighting will allow for them to have easier commutes to and from school without any worries.

For this project we suggested our Sunlike 30W which versatility and all-in-one design has made it a very common pick for parking lots and streets

Normally, along with the lights, we provide the contractors with a lighting design to help them determine the most optimal height and location to place our lights, guaranteeing even coverage throughout the area. However, for this project it was not the case as they had existing poles that just required our solar solution.

Even without being able to design the layout of the lights for their parking lot, our solar light worked excellently, lighting up the entire lot and also the entrances to the building. The poles also had arms already in place but with out Slip Fitter attachment, installing these lights on those arms was simple and easy.

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