Mobile Home Park Lighting—Concord Mobile Home Park

About the Project

The Concord Mobile Home Park in Concord, CA, has recently undergone a significant transformation, marking a new chapter in its commitment to sustainability and modern living. The project demanded a comprehensive overhaul of the park’s lighting system, replacing outdated grid-connected LEDs with 180 cutting-edge, self-powered decorative solar area lights. This upgrade not only aligns with the aesthetic values of the community but also delivers practicality, offering a cost-effective capital improvement through carbon-neutral outdoor solar lighting.


The success of the Concord Mobile Home Park project stemmed from a synergistic collaboration between SOLTECH, the park’s owners, management teams, and contractors. Through on-site and off-site meetings, community members enjoyed a seamless integration of a new solar lighting system. The careful selection of all-in-one lighting fixtures streamlined the installation process, allowing for a quick transition without the need for extensive wiring or trenching.

Winter Expectations, Rain, and Cloudy Day Challenges

A pivotal aspect of this project was addressing the challenge of wintertime performance. Solar lighting, by nature, relies on sunlight, which can be scarce during shorter, overcast winter days. To manage this, the team employed strategic setting adjustments and lighting mode configurations, optimizing the lights for efficient performance even in difficult conditions. By positioning the lights to maximize solar gain and tweaking orientation along with operational modes, the system maintained compliance with California Code Regulations Title 25, Section 1108, which dictates lighting requirements for community safety and comfort.

It is important to note that even the best solar lighting technologies experience troubles during the rainy season and overcast periods. Having a clear understanding of your solar lights’ capabilities is key in navigating seasonal climates. In this project, the SOLTECH team took time to understand the park’s location and high-traffic areas to support lighting recommendations and programming. Despite seasonal changes, SOLTECH MORAGA Solar Post Top Light is designed to provide consistent, reliable illumination throughout the year.

Cost-Saving and Compliance

The transition to solar lighting represents a significant step forward in eliminating ongoing utility costs for the Concord Mobile Home Park. By shedding the constraints of wiring and trenching, the community embraced a lighting solution that is not only self-sufficient but also cost-efficient in the long term. Moreover, the project meticulously met the specified park lighting regulations, ensuring an average of two-tenths (2/10) horizontal foot-candles of light along all roadways and walkways during the night, thus enhancing the residents’ sense of security and well-being.


The Concord Mobile Home Park stands as the latest self-powered lighting installation in the city. It has allowed owners to keep project expenses low while delivering high-quality lighting to residents. The installation of solar community lighting has propelled the park into a future where environmental responsibility, cost savings, and regulatory compliance illuminate the path forward, setting a precedent for similar communities to follow.

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