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Fletcher Park Pathway Lighting

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Fletcher Park

Fletcher Park is a new city property in Taylor, Michigan where has severe weather in winter, such as heavy snow, frost, and cloudy. Taylor Community Library and the City of Taylor offer a new Storywalk experience through the park trail. There are elevated panels with a page from a unique storybook for visitors along the path when walking through the park. Taylor Community Library will install new picture books to be exhibited along the trail each month, so families would able to enjoy stories together. Besides the Fletcher Discovery Trail, the new plan of this park also includes the parking lot, dog park, bioswale, pickleball, shuffleboard, bocce ball courts, game tables, and a fitness circuit. 

Pathway Lighting

The city ordered seventeen SUNLIKE 30W PRO commercial solar LED lights for Fletcher Discovery Trail as the pathway lighting. Along the wayfinding signage, benches, and bushes in the roundabout deep in the park’s wooded area, these new commercial solar LED pathway lights to provide this trail with plenty of light and security for all visitors after sunset while walking or biking. Additionally, SUNLIKE 30W PRO commercial solar LED light displays excellent performance under severe weather for this pathway lighting project.

Fletcher Discovery Trail is located in the deeply wooded area of the park. If there is no pathway lighting, the pathway will become darker and darker when the sun goes down until it blends with the darkness. That will cause a security issue, and visitors would not able to enjoy the fresh air and fun story experience along the trail after sunset, but SOLTECH’s SUNLIKE 30W PRO  commercial solar LED light perfectly solves this potential pathway security problem.

SOLTECH SUNLIKE 30W PRO commercial solar LED light is an off-grid LED solar fixture that can collect sunlight to transfer to electric power. No wires to hurt the natural environment, and no carbon release. The features of SUNLIKE 30W PRO commercial solar LED light also fit Fletcher park’s goal—being more nature-driven. As an environment-friendly need, SOLTECH SUNLIKE 30W PRO commercial solar LED light works excellently to convert sunlight to electric power in cold weather.

All-in-One Design SUNLIKE PRO

Even in the winter months, if sunlight is hitting a solar panel, it will generate electricity. Cold climates are actually optimal for solar panel efficiency. Contrary to common belief, heat diminishes the solar panel’s electricity production. SOLTECH adopted unique, innovative battery technology to overcome the shortcomings of the solar lighting system’s cold-weather performance. The super cold-tolerant battery technology in the SUNLIKE 30W PRO commercial solar LED light provides excellent low-temperature charge and discharge performance.

Compared with the standard SUNLIKE commercial solar LED lights, the PRO model adopts a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controller and superior battery (cold-tolerant battery) to achieve the best lighting performance in winter. SUNLIKE 30W PRO commercial solar LED light is ideal for a wide range of applications where have severe weather, such as pathway lighting, security lighting, and parking lot lighting. SUNLIKE 30W PRO commercial solar LED lighting also comes with five different adjustable mounting accessories to fit different installation needs from end-users.

Depending on different demands, SUNLIKE 30W PRO commercial solar LED light offers motion sensor mode (40%–100% and 20%–80%), constant mode (100%, 70%, and 40%), night owl mode, early-bird mode, and timer mode (4 hours and 8 hours) with remote control and one-key setting. 

MPPT Controller

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is a technique for tracking and regulating the output energy from the solar panel to the battery.
  • Measures the solar panel output voltage and current in real-time and continuously tracks the maximum power.
  • Regulates the output voltage so that the system can always charge the battery with the maximum power.
  • Significantly improves the solar system energy utilization rate, with conversion efficiency up to 97%.
  • Increases the solar system’s charging efficiency by at least 20% compared to Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

(IAP) Intelligent Adaptive Program Battery Control Technology
In order to extend the off-grid autonomy of the SUNLIKE 30W PRO commercial solar LED light under shady trees, heavy rain, and thick clouds, our controllers now integrate an adaptive smart control feature to actively track battery capacity and adjust light output accordingly. Before integrating this feature, selecting a light output percentage on the remote would yield an accurate percentage of max LED brightness. Now with (IAP), the controller actively monitors the battery and regulates the electrical current to the LEDs. The controller makes the light output of the selected percentage on the remote relative to battery capacity rather than max LED output. This smart-control feature can increase our off-grid performance by
up to 40%.

Superior Battery (cold-tolerant battery)

  • Maintains a long cycle lifetime with minimal change in performance
  • Provides high power density and high load currents to achieve high-speed charging in seconds.
  • Exceptional low-temperature performance delivering energy and charging down to -40°F (-40°C).
Fletcher Park Pathway Lighting_Day to Night
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