Hawaii Maui Landscaping

Hawaii Maui Landingscaping Lighting

About the Project


SOLTECH was approached by a customer in Launiupoko, Maui, for a landscaping application. We partnered with Read Lighting  to offer our customer a solar fixture that could deliver area and security lighting onto their property. They needed a bright and efficient fixture that would require no maintenance and easy installation.

Design & Planning

This year, SOLTECH released the VITA product line; portable off-grid solar lights ideal for urban and residential applications. The best fit for this project was the VITA line’s SOLTAB 10W solar floodlight, whose versatile two-piece design offers a quick and convenient installation. 

 The SOLTAB 10W features:

  • A double-sided solar panel for maximum solar intake
  • A radar sensor
  • Constant light output
  • A power bank to charge any portable electronic devices 

The LED light can also function when it’s disconnected from the solar panel for more flexible use. 



Our SOLTAB was of dual-use in the application. The light overlooks the edge of the customer’s property for extra security and shines light onto their pool. Initially, there was no place to install the fixture, so the customer decided to mount it onto a palm tree, which avoided the extra costs of installing a 10’ pole that would interfere with their view. 


Overall, this project is an excellent example of the SOLPAD’s multifaceted use in a landscaping application. The tree’s use as a mounting surface was a success and gave the project a much more natural appeal. SOLTECH will continue to ensure that every VITA line product meets every customer’s needs and adapts to any application.

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