Indian Hills Motel

Indian Hills Motel

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With companies needing to implement new security protocols to protect their business, many places have begun thinking of innovative ways to protect their business. Because of this, security lights are becoming more ubiquitous for both commercial and residential applications. One great example of security lighting in a commercial application is the Indian Hills project in Taos, New Mexico.


The city of Taos is working diligently to improve the conditions of their city. According to a public appearance by the Taos police chief, the city has managed to create a significant drop in crime in the area. However, the crime rate still rests above the U.S. national average. This creates a situation where companies need to take the initiative in securing their business.

Design & Planning

Because of the current climate, the Indian Hills Motel needed a fixture that would be reliable, bright, and effective. The customer wanted to use our solar lights to help avoid trenching and wiring costs.


In the end, they installed 14 Sunlike 8W fixtures around the perimeters of their building. Using wall mounts, the fixtures were installed near their security cameras to enhance surveillance around the property. Motion sensors in the Sunlike make it very effective as a security light. The sensors respond well to movement and guarantee that no one can walk by undetected. Although security lights will not completely deter crime, some places have seen over a 39% decrease in crime after installing better outdoor lighting.


With this statistic in mind, it is simple to see the combination of the fixtures and the cameras as an effective method in deterring crime. In fact, security lighting is often seen as one of the most affordable ways to protect your business or home. 


Soltech is committed to providing high quality and affordable products that help customers feel more secure. No matter the application, our lights can do the job.


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