International Airport Lighting Project

International Airport Lighting Project

About The Project

Supporting an International Airport’s lighting project, SOLTECH worked with distributor partners to deliver effective solar lighting to an airfield that facilitates travel to over 500 cities worldwide. Implementing cutting-edge technologies, the airport leadership team connected with SOLTECH to establish critical illumination needed at a number of runways, terminals, and parking zones.

Abiding by FAA guidelines and regulations along with meeting airport criteria, SOLTECH’s TEMPO mobile solar light tower proved to be the optimal lighting solution for the city’s airport. SOLTECH’s TEMPO mobile solar light tower managed to eliminate the need for underground electrical, wiring, and supported an overall hassle-free installation.

How Did SOLTECH Help

Tasked with delivering a reliable and high-quality solar lighting solution under time-sensitive circumstances, the SOLTECH sales team coordinated with city and airport leadership to provide a high-performing and versatile solar lighting solution. Understanding the importance and unique nature of our customers’ projects, the SOLTECH team assessed the project location, weighing possible scenarios; ultimately identifying the TEMPO solar mobile light tower as the best choice.

TEMPO, a unit capable of withstanding 767 aircraft turbines, has satisfied and surpassed the airport’s expectations, ensuring the safety of passengers and airport staff by providing essential illumination coverage at key locations. In this project, SOLTECH supported flawless fulfillment by assigning a dedicated carrier to transport all equipment to the site, expediting projected lead times necessary to complete project deadlines.

Responsive and attentive to our customer’s needs, SOLTECH connected the end user with cost-effective and energy-efficient solar lighting technology that contributed to the airport’s sustainability goals. Successful in eliminating installation costs and serving as a rapid deploy unit transported via forklift, TEMPO can be assembled in a fraction of the time when compared to alternatives. TEMPO, the autonomous mobile light tower, continues to operate reliably on a nightly basis providing high-quality illumination for years to come.

Please contact the SOLTECH sales team for more information on TEMPO and how it can benefit your future lighting needs.

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