Labath Landing COSMO Solar Light—Trash Enclosure Visibility

Labath Landing COSMO Solar Light—Trash Enclosure Visibility

Partnering with a trusted electrical contractor, SOLTECH’s COSMO 50W was the staple piece to Labath Landing’s latest solar lighting project—a trash bin enclosure transformation that not only brightened up the area but also represented the strong bonds we’ve built with our valued and repeat customers.

Labath Landing Project:

When a repeat customer reached out in need of lighting support for a new enclosure upgrade, we saw an opportunity to marry functionality with environmentally friendly. Our experienced team assessed the space, taking into account the customer’s preferences and the enclosure’s layout.

Tailoring the Solution:

Understanding the unique needs of our customer, we proposed COSMO as the solar lighting solution to integrate with the enclosure’s design seamlessly. COSMO is a versatile fixture that not only illuminated the area effectively but also added an element of visual appeal to the space.

Easy Installation:

The installation team has worked with SOLTECH products plenty of times. Facilitating the installation processes, COSMO offers the flexibility for optimal light placement and solar panel positioning to maximize energy absorption.


With the installation complete, the trash bin enclosure is no longer a dimly lit area. COSMO illuminated the space with rich light, promoting safety and visibility.


This project wasn’t just about transforming a trash bin enclosure; it was about celebrating the enduring trust of a valued repeat customer. We’re honored that our customers returned to us for their lighting needs once again, reaffirming the quality, reliability, and satisfaction they associate with our products and services.

For more information on COSMO check out the product page here. You can also contact our SOLTECH team to assist with your lighting projects.

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