North Shores Parking Lot

North Shores Parking Lot

About the Project

Michigan Weather V.S. Solar Lights

Soltech has installed a lot of its solar fixtures throughout the United States. While some installations have received the right amount of sunshine and warm temperature, others have required more care and a stronger solar solution.

The state of Michigan faces below 0-degree temperatures, making it difficult to install any solar product. Solar batteries need the proper amount of warmth to charge but above all, sun.

When Soltech was approached to supply (9) Satelis fixtures on a parking lot in North Shores, Michigan, the climate was the biggest concern. 

The Satelis Fixture

The Satelis comes in two wattages:

  • 50W (One solar panel)
  • 75W (Two solar panels)

Please refer to the Satelis installation video on YouTube for a quick breakdown of the Satelis product line including the fixture’s components and installation instructions. Above all, the Satelis fixtures are Soltech’s most powerful solar products, delivering 10,000 and 15,000 lumens in efficacy.

These solar fixtures offer different battery pack options for applications that require a stronger autonomy for extreme weather conditions. To compensate for Michigan’s cold weather, the Satelis 75W with a 90AH battery was optimal due to its battery life and long-term performance. Aside from the use of our strongest battery, this project required a double head installation with the use of a bullhorn tenon.

The project: A Double Head Installation

Usually, a single unit of the Satelis fixture is installed per pole, however for the first time, Soltech faced the challenge of installing two of these solar fixtures on one pole due to the need for a more even and strong light distribution. Soltech worked closely with its Michigan sales rep Spectrum Electrical Sales to analyze the fixture’s EPA’s and other useful specifications for the installation. It was important to account for pole drillings and the bullhorn tenon that was going to hold a total of four solar panels on top of the pole, two light arm modules, and two battery assemblies.

What did we learn?

Due to the diligence and effective communication of every party involved in this project, Soltech was able to overcome new challenges, gain more experience, and provide excellent service. Because of this project, Soltech is confident that each one of its solar parking lot lighting products can offer a single head or double head solution. As a result, these (9) fixtures were successfully installed. This project’s installation video is now uploaded on Soltech’s YouTube channel, visit for a closer look.

Project Video

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