Northwestern Michigan College

Northwestern Michigan College Security Lighting

About The Project

In 2021 SOLTECH connected with Northwestern Michigan College to help with their solar security lighting project. NMC, a community college teaching over 50,000 students, decided to use solar lighting technology throughout its campus to provide high-quality lighting essential to its students’ safety. As a publicly funded community college, NMC was required to allocate resources for the project wisely. As a result, SOLTECH solar lights became the best solution for solar security lighting project along pathways and walkways used by students and staff.

How Did SOLTECH Help?

Challenged with a shaded environment and cool climate, SOLTECH focused on successful products for the site. CEGONIA PRO 30W was selected because of its adjustable solar panel and powerful lighting performance. CEGONIA PRO features a solar panel that can be orientated south to maximize energy harvest, and its larger surface area can absorb sunlight effectively under heavy overcast and shade. It also features a LiFePO4 battery with over 2000+ cycles that supports an extensive lifespan that can endure subzero environments. CEGONIA PRO 30W was successful in eliminating electrical wiring/cabling typical in traditional approaches and alleviated overall installation costs for NMC.

For more information on how SOLTECH solar lights can support your campus lighting project, please contact the SOLTECH sales team.

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