Palm Valley Academy

About the Project

Palm Valley Academy

Palm Valley Academy is a very prestigious institution with a reputation for having quality instruction and faculty. This is evident because the St. Johns school district was ranked fourth out of 68 other school districts in Florida. For instance, in regards to test scores, Palm Valley Academy students consistently perform better from grades 3 to 6 on state-mandated English and mathematics exams. Palm Valley Academy Principal, Jessica Richardson, back in December was selected as the 2019 St. Johns County Principal of the Year. Above all, Palm Valley Academy is a prestigious institution with a strong emphasis on education and student performance. 

The Energy Focused Administration

The administration at Palm Valley Academy is also very energy management focused. They are always thinking of ways for the school to be greener and more sustainable while saving money. This was the main motivating factor when deciding to go solar. 


The administration knew that over time, the solar fixtures would pay for themselves and save the school a lot of money in the near and far future. Therefore, it was an easy decision to go with SOLTECH’s high-quality SUNLIKE 30W solar fixture.


The SUNLIKE 30W is a powerful fixture. Below are some of its features: 

  • 50+ hours of max autonomy. Can run for 7 nights with only one day of sun
  • 200 lumens/watt (6000 total lumen output) 
  • Field-replaceable battery functionality via quick connections
  • 5-year warranty on fixture 

Affordable and user-friendly, the SUNLIKE fixture is perfect for a wide range of applications, including schools, parks, and pathways. Its low-profile, fully integrated design is constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum, making it both easy to install and easy on the eyes. 

Our Solution

SOLTECH provided 8 SUNLIKE 30W with slip fitters to Palm Valley Academy in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. SOLTECH installed fixtures along a pathway that went alongside the school. This path is adjacent to a nearby community and was funded by people in that community. The goal was to provide a safer route for children to use while commuting. They wanted the path to be both safe and aesthetically pleasing.  

With the addition of the SUNLIKE 30W, the path can achieve this in both the daytime and nighttime. Now when children have to go home when its dark outside, perhaps due to extracurriculars, they are no longer afraid. The SUNLIKE 30W has more than enough power to properly illuminate the pathway, adverting many dangerous situations. This includes things such as: 

  • Injury due to poor vision
  • Crime
  • And unwanted loiterers near the pathway 

SOLTECH enjoyed working with Palm Valley Academy in installing these fixtures. Like with most projects, SOLTECH’s number one priority is serving the people in communities such as these. Most importantly, the children that attend this academy can now safely use the pathway, day or night, without fear of injury or harm. 

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