Solar Park Lighting in Puerto Rico—SUNLIKE 30W Turtle Friendly

About the Project

A remarkable project began taking shape in October 2022 at the Parque del Indio Park, Puerto Rico. The turtle-friendly development was led by the National Wildlife Refuge Association with the goal of responsibly blending infrastructure with nature. The initiative, a retrofit installation, focused on replacing existing white lights with 6 SUNLIKE BRONZE Turtle Friendly 30W solar light fixtures. By leveraging the existing poles, the SUNLIKE all-in-one solar light solution was the perfect choice to maintain the area’s natural beauty. Scheduled for an early 2023 installation, SOLTECH’s SUNLIKE will support an easy installation while delivering high-quality and turtle-friendly lighting.

Turtle-friendly lighting is not just an option but a necessity in coastal areas. These specialized lights emit a wavelength of light less disruptive to sea turtles, helping guide hatchlings towards the sea instead of inland, which can be a fatal misdirection. Traditional white lights can easily confuse and mislead baby turtles, exposing them to predators or exhaustion. By addressing lighting, communities can support endangered turtle species and improve their chances of survival. The amber lights used in this project ensure that Sea Turtles’ natural behavior and navigation are preserved.

Emphasizing this initiative, an education campaign organized by a student from the Caribbean Girl Scouts aims to raise awareness about the importance of turtle-friendly lighting. Informative stickers placed on the poles will serve as a constant reminder of the delicate balance between our human needs and the well-being of the wildlife we share our planet with.

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