Puerto Rico Parking Lot Lighting

Puerto Rico Parking Lot Lighting

About the Project

On-grid Lights for Parking Lot Lighting

SOLTECH offers flexible solar parking lot lighting solutions. By offering both solar and general on-grid LED product options for different application demands which include parking lot lighting, pathway lighting, security lighting, sign lighting, or park lighting. SOLTECH has become a specialist in the lighting industry, providing efficient solutions that meet every client’s needs.

Amongst the many projects SOLTECH has completed throughout Puerto Rico, this parking lot lighting project is one of the first to use on-grid LED lights for parking lot lighting. The parking lot installed six FLQ 300W LED lights to provide illumination and safety for all residents and visitors.

FLQ 300W

FLQ 300W is an on-grid solution in the SOLTECH area light series. SOLTECH Area Lights deliver a high lumen output that provides safety and security benefits for all sorts of applications. The long-life intensity and high efficiency of this luminaire outperform traditional HID luminaires. The rugged housing and unique LED design offer advanced thermal management and protection against outdoor and semi-outdoor environments. 

These luminaires utilize top-of-the-line LED chips, a reliable LED driver and operate in temperatures of -40°F-104°F with a 100-277V input voltage for flexible use. 

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