Puerto Rico Residential Outdoor Lighting

Puerto Rico Solar Outdoor Lighting

About the Project

Residential Solar Outdoor Lighting

SOLTECH provides solar outdoor lighting solutions for both commercial and residential applications. No matter the scenario, SOLTECH fulfills any customer need. The pictures below show two different applications in Puerto Rico.  Each customer installed SOLTECH solar lights throughout their property successfully and was happy with the outdoor solar lighting results. 

Residential Solar Outdoor Lighting

The SUNLIKE 30W mounts onto any surface or pole. It comes with five different mounting options that make it our go-to light for a quick and easy installation. This customer needed lighting for their back deck and wanted a light that could mount directly onto the ledge of their home. SUNLIKE 30W provides sufficient lighting and complimented the design of their home very well. 


The SOLPORT is a solar wall pack that also features an all-in-one design, with the solar panel and battery built into the fixture. This customer needed lighting on the perimeter of their home and installed the SOLPORT on their roof ledge. In addition, the SOLPORT‘s solar panel can lift out of the fixture for more solar exposure. Overall, the fixture was bright enough to cover the entire perimeter of the building, and the customer was impressed with the performance of the light.  

Solar Outdoor Home Lighting
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