Reno Sign Lighting

Reno Sign Lighting

About the Project

Sign Lighting: Get Inspired by SOLTECH

Ads on traffic signs can be expensive due to their eye-appealing pictures and attractive slogan fonts. People think of all the cost-effective components of a good Ad but ignore the accessibility and visibility of the sign itself. 


For small businesses, advertising on billboards or signs can come at a high cost. Usually, companies don’t have a large enough budget to pay for the ad sign’s production, installation, and lighting. It can be expensive and a waste of labor to wire light to a small Ad sign. As a result, most of these Ad signs lack lighting and are only half as efficient as they’re supposed to be.


Luckily, SOLTECH can provide a perfect solution for sign lighting. The SUNLIKE installation is fast and easy. The installation manual can be accessed online so that anyone can install our fixtures like true lighting experts. The SUNLIKE fixtures in this project required no pole and no electrical wire connection. Below are more details about our sign lighting project in Reno, NV, for a James Hardie Ad sign.

The SUNLIKE Fixture

Affordable and user-friendly, SUNLIKE luminaries are perfect for a wide range of applications, including schools, parks, and pathways.  It’s low-profile, fully integrated design is constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum, making it both easy to install and easy on the eyes.  SUNLIKE is available in four lumen packages.

Efficiency: 200lm/W
Lumens: 1600lm, 4000lm, 6000lm, 9000lm
Wattage: 8W, 20W, 30W, 50W
Panels: 17Wp, 36Wp, 52 Wp, 115 Wp
Battery Location: Integrated into the light

The project: A Double Head Installation

In previous projects, the SUNLIKE has mostly been parking lot lighting, which is why SOLTECH was thrilled to see the fixture used on an Ad sign along a highway in Reno, NV. The customer installed two SUNLIKE 30W fixtures on a round pole that ran directly through the sign’s top. The Ad now has back-to-back sign lights that face both directions of the sign for more noticeability during the night. 


What did we learn?

SOLTECH lighting is a lighting specialist with 20 years of experience in solar-dependent batteries, intelligent programming, and high-quality LEDs. We never limit our creativity and potential to explore more possibilities with customers. We hope to inspire our customers to spread awareness about solar technology and its benefits as we continue to get inspired through their projects and installations. 

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