Rest Stop Lighting Project

Rest Stop Parking Lot Lighting

About the Project

Rest Stop Parking Lot Lighting

After a long drive, rest stops along highways or roads are necessary for restroom breaks, gas refills, or a quick snack. They must be safe at all hours of the day and night. 

Our sales agent, RKL Sales, reached out to SOLTECH about a rest stop along the I40 highway outside of Moriarty, New Mexico, that needed rest stop parking lot lighting. The wiring on the existing lights was highly damaged and was too expensive to repair. The Department of Transportation decided to turn to an affordable, bright, and easy-to-install solar rest stop parking lot lighting solution.


The DOT ordered twenty SUNLIKE 30W units. The lights were installed along the North and Southside of the I40 highway. The SUNLIKE solar LED light is the best solar light for any retrofitting project since each component is fully integrated into the fixture. SOLTECH’s solar products are entirely off-grid, so there was no worry of wire damage or connection.  


Overall, the project was a success! The SUNLIKE‘s all-in-one design allowed for an easy installation at an affordable cost. Now, there’s bright illumination leading to the rest stop to ensure drivers’ and passengers’ safety when pulling over for a quick break. 

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