Site Lighting Project with CEGONIA

Site Lighting with CEGONIA

About the Project

Solar Site Lighting

This project shows our recent effort for Oltmans Construction site lighting. The site is a 20 acre site undergoing soil mitigation for hazardous waste in the soil. The construction team has an urgent need of temporary lighting for the entire property. However, considering the hazardous waste in the soil, they did not want to disturb the soil and would like to keep the cost under control.

In this circumstance, solar products can be the best option for the temporary site lighting. After the photometric overview and site survey, the construction team decides to use 20 CEGONIA 30W fixtures to secure the existing fences around 3 sides of the property and install 6” high poles on the other side of the sound wall.

The construction team was amazed by how fast it could be to install the temporary light with low cost. With a two-man team and a boom truck, our client installed the poles and fixtures in two days! The whole installation process was smooth and fast, which again proves SOLTECH products can always provide reliable solution for clients in any applications.

The CEGONIA Fixture

The CEGONIA comes in three wattages:

  • 8W 
  • 20W 
  • 30W

Our CEGONIA is a perfect alternative to SUNLIKE with the separated designed solar panel. The separated solar panel made CEGONIA more flexible to install at any orientation while keep the efficiency of absorbing sun power. Our CEGONIA offers both pole mounting and wall mounting options. It provides sufficient light for numerous applications, such as parking lot, courtyard, landscape, pathway, and so forth. We also provide detailed installation video for clients so anyone watches the video can be lighting expert and install the fixtures easily.

CEGONIA Installation Video
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