SUNLIKE Beams Over The Port of San Francisco

SUNLIKE Beams Over The Port of San Francisco

About The Project

Located between the San Francisco Giant’s AT&T Park and the Golden State Warrior’s Chase Center lies SOLTECH’s latest off-grid solar lighting installation site. Addressing safety and security concerns, the Port of San Francisco entrusted SOLTECH’s SUNLIKE 30W to provide high-quality solar parking lot lighting in high traffic areas.

Attuned to the sustainable practices of tomorrow, the Port of San Francisco acknowledged the benefits of shifting to off-grid solar lighting technologies. Facilitating the choice, SOLTECH provided a clear solution by pairing the port with an all-in-one design, eliminating the need for trenching and wiring. This alleviated budget pressures and created a hassle-free installation, saving the port unnecessary permit expenses and maintenance costs. Thanks to SUNLIKE’s low voltage system, the need for an electrician was relieved, and installation time was significantly reduced.

How Did SOLTECH Help

Delighted to support, SOLTECH’s lighting design team collaborated with this local customer to create an essential solar parking lot lighting design addressing pattern uniformity and illumination coverage. Well-versed with attention to detail, the SOLTECH team responded with a complete photometric analysis report outlining system performance while meeting site-specific criteria.

Installed in March of 2022, the SUNLIKE 30W luminaires have lived up to expectations with top-notch performance. Serving as an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution, SUNLIKE is changing exterior lighting for projects large and small. Charged by a renewable source of energy and operating autonomously, SUNLIKE offers sustainability and longevity in the world of lighting.

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