USANA Amphitheater

About the project

The USANA Amphitheatre is a 20,000-seat outdoor amphitheater, located in West Valley City, Utah. The Amphitheater is named after USANA Health Sciences, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements. Built in 2002, this outdoor amphitheater has hosted a myriad of different artists over the years such as Phish, Ringo Starr, KISS, etc. Also, this has been the venue for many different music festivals such as Curiosa, Uproar, and Crüe Fest. Due to the size and popularity of the amphitheater, it’s simple to deduce how important this venue is to the local Utah economy. The venue attracts many out-of-state visitors who help support the local businesses in the area.


In 2007, USANA was the first venue of its kind to be designated as a “Green Amphitheatre” by incorporating recyclable beverage cups, carpool lots, and an increased number of recycling containers on site.

The USANA Amphitheatre remains one of the greenest in the nation, garnering praise from the likes of Jack Johnson, a musician who requested to review the environmental policy set in place and helped advice the amphitheater on how to become greener through basic means. This included the addition of recycling amenities and the formation of the “Green Team”, who work hard to inform concert-goers about recycling and waste, while simultaneously help pick up trash around the venue.

As outdoor venues become ever more popular and as people become environmentally conscious, it is imperative for these venues to implement strategies to help lower waste and the environmental impact caused by the concert attendees. Soltech was glad to help such an admirable goal. 


The mission of the amphitheater to become greener is congruent with Soltech’s goal of environmental sustainability provided through Soltech’s solar lighting fixtures. The installation of solar lighting fixtures is beneficial and convenient for recreational venues such as this one. Since there is no ditch digging or wiring that needed to be done for the installation, none of the existing landscaping had to be modified to accommodate the fixtures. This allowed the amphitheater to easily install the lights while also avoiding the environmental impact caused by traditional on-grid lighting.

We provided 27 Sunlike 30W fixtures to illuminate the pedestrian pathways and perimeters of the USANA Amphitheater in Utah. The fixtures were mounted using slip fitters and round pole mounts. The fixture was set at around 40 degrees. To learn more about the importance of solar panel angles, please click here.


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