Vicksburg Parking Lot

Vicksburg Parking Lot

About the Project


SOLTECH worked with Spectrum Electrical Sales to retrofit a couple of lighting fixtures on a parking lot in Vicksburg, Michigan. Spectrum worked closely with Vicksburg’s city to find the most efficient and reliable solar parking lot lighting. There were two worn-out poles down the center of the parking lot that each held a low output HID lamp. Consequently, the lights were exhausted and no longer delivered a strong lumen output. The goal was to replace these fixtures with a lighting solution that was low maintenance and did not drive up electricity bills.  

Design & Planning

The SATELIS comes in two wattages:

  • 50W (One solar panel)
  • 75W (Two solar panels)

Please refer to the SATELIS installation video on YouTube for a quick breakdown of the SATELIS product line including the fixture’s components and installation instructions. Above all, the SATELIS fixtures are SOLTECH’s most powerful solar products, delivering 10,000 and 15,000 lumens in efficacy.

Given the weather and temperature of Vicksburg, Michigan, SOLTECH suggested the SATELIS 75W fixture for a reliable and robust lighting output. After the parking lot’s renovation, the poles were moved from the center to the property’s perimeter with one SATELIS 75W unit per pole.


In conclusion, the two Satelis 75W fixtures not only covered the entire property with sufficient light but saved the customer a lot in costs. Since the lights are entirely off-grid, they will not require any electrical maintenance or expenses. The customers were also able to receive a return on investment and had a grant awarded to them that offset the fixtures’ costs and installation. For more information about the return on investments and solar incentives, refer to our How to Save By Going Solar blog post. Overall, the project ran smoothly, and the customers were satisfied with the performance of the solar parking lot lighting fixtures.  

Project Video

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