Virginia Solar Interior Lighting

About the Project

Flat Railroad Car Container with Solar Lighting

SOLTECH worked with The Norfolk Railway transport company in Norfolk, VA, on a railroad project that required interior lighting for a 20′ long container on a flat railroad car. The container stores tools and houses a generator and fuel tank. Though they considered general LED lighting, they wanted to explore solar options to save on installation costs and electricity bills.


Interior solar solution sounds impossible, but not with SOLTECH. After careful consideration, we provided the best fixture for the project—COSMO 20W solar LED light is a two-piece design with a 13 ft cable that connects the solar panel to the LED module. Its versatile design allows the end-user to install the solar panel away from the light module for more access to solar charge without affecting light distribution.

Interior Solar Lighting

Like all solar technology, SOLTECH’s solar lights require sun exposure to charge the lights’ batteries. This railroad car traveled their system and needed light inside to access tools and safely find and start the generator. The project’s main concern was exposing the solar panel to the sun while lighting the inside of the container. Luckily, the COSMO‘s design allowed the customer to mount the solar panels on the outside of the container and feed the cable to the light modules inside. The COSMO solar LED light has become the perfect solar solution for any shelter, canopy, or interior lighting application.

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