Washington & Jefferson College Pathway & Security Lighting

Washington & Jefferson College Pathway & Security Lighting

About the Project

College Pathway & Security Lighting

Washington & Jefferson College is a private liberal arts college in Washington, Pennsylvania. As a private institution founded in 1781, Washington & Jefferson College is famous for its historical campus and humanism.


Washington & Jefferson College had old lighting systems that failed to provide safety and security lighting on campus pathways for students and staff members. As a result, the administration decided to turn to solar fixtures to improve their pathway & security lighting system and make everyone feel comfortable and safe.  


SOLTECH provided the SUNLIKE 8W as the solar solution for the pathways. This fixture is entirely off-grid, offered a quick installation, and replaced the old lighting system at a low cost. This solution prevented the college from spending money on underwire trenching and electrical labor to replace the old existing lighting fixtures. 

What did we learn?

This project required a lot of attention, and given its location, it was initially challenging to maintain the fixtures’ autonomy throughout the night. The biggest challenge of using solar lighting products is location. The solar panels need to have access to the sun to absorb enough solar energy, and the area needs to provide sufficient warmth to operate the battery. As a result, SOLTECH has focused on exploring each detail of every application and project to ensure that our lights can meet all of our customer’s needs.  

Project Video

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