Waterloo On-grid Area Lighting

Waterloo Corporate Campus

About the Project

Waterloo Corporate Campus

Soltech has installed a lot of its solar fixtures throughout the United States. Though we provide some of the best solar solutions, we also offer highly efficient on-grid LED fixtures. The Waterloo project from Ontario, Canada, demonstrated that Soltech can provide the best solar and on-grid products no matter the application. 

The Waterloo Corporate Campus (WCC) in Waterloo, Ontario, is a 40-acre site home to large retailers and loft offices in Eastern Canada. Before its current redevelopment, WCC was a former industrial property. The redevelopment consisted of several phases; three are approved and underway. During the past year, they searched for outdoor area lights to illuminate the area throughout the night.

WCC collaborated with electric contractor Conestogo Electric and full-service lighting provider: All About Lighting, to retrofit the existing MH lamps on a third of the complex and some of the entrances with SOLTECH on-grid FLK area lights. 

The FLK Fixture

The FLK area light series is ideal for general sites, alleys, loading docks, doorways, pathways, and parking areas. Our FLK fixtures come with motion sensors and instant on/off controls similar to our solar products. 

Below are the specs for reference:

  • Wattage: 100-400W
  • Lumens at 5000K: 13,000-52,000 lm
  • Optional Sensors: Photocell, Motion, Remote Control

Also, feel free to visit our on-grid product pages for more on-grid lighting options.

Why SOLTECH is always your best choice

Before the redevelopment, WCC installed Cooper Lighting Galleon Lights on two-thirds of the complex. After switching to SOLTECH FLK lights, the property managers were amazed by the performance. This series has a slim and aesthetic shape with an excellent cooling design and competitive lumen efficacy >130LPW. It’s waterproof and includes an ADC12 Aluminum heat sink and an outdoor powder-coated finish.

Overall, SOLTECH’s lighting products never limit themselves in warm areas. They are equipped for any location and weather to provide the best solution for your application!

Check out our Sunlike 30W PRO and Satelis Thermo solar products for more information about our advanced heating battery technology for cold regions. 

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